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Should Bacchus come back to life, and stop wearing the ancient god’s chiton and thyrsus to appear in a different guise... how would he go about? A wealth of history books mention this god at times a bit rudely or even mockingly, such as: or ‘By the body of Bacchus’, “For Bacchus’s sake!". [Since Bacchus’ times,] much water has flown under the bridges and much wine on our tables. Distilled, freeze-dried, boxed, exasperated. Modernity impacted – not always positively – also on our beloved nectar, which, to keep the divine analogy, for some has become an object of cult. The Fratelli Giribaldi’s cellars have been swimming for years in this [inebriating] fluid that can lighten up our evenings, lubricate our conversation, help swallowing food and the bitterness of life. Their is a wine making school that stands out because of its products forged under the banner of quality at all cost, while keeping the right relation between purchase prize and the excellent level of their bottles.

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Via Rittano, 6, 12050, Rodello (CN)

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