Mon 27 May 2024


"CLUB ITALY - Everything that's made ​​in Italy" is an original and dynamic web portal dedicated to Italian products : dall'agroalimentare all'enogastronomico , dall'artigianale up to industrial.

The heart of Italy Club is the CLUBSTORE . The innovative idea is in real stores in a large virtual shopping mall , where Italian companies will present their products and sell them.

It is therefore proposed as a modern vehicle that will allow companies to be understood, especially by those who are not looking for their specific product , increasing their potential for success and business in Italy and abroad.

Users CLUB ITALY can navigate through the various proposals , visit the shops of CLUBSTORE and make purchases at competitive prices with the " club deals " in a simple and fast safely .

But Club United States does not stop there ! The section devoted to tourism will land on Italy Club services of historians and portals , including lists of marinas for sailing enthusiasts and the list of airfields and landing strips , for lovers of ultralight flying . Even those who want to visit Italy will be able to enjoy the facilities of geography, location of facilities for receiving and buying travel packages - always through the CLUBSTORE - for the discovery of our wonderful places and wonderful cities

Club-Italy News

Opening Tourism section
Finally is the new online section devoted to tourism. On the map you can see the major ports, airfields and of course the affiliated stores. In addition, we have improved some aspects of product management. We therefore urge all directors of affiliated shops to update their products and their information.

News system
Finally we have a news feed!