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Via Dell'Artigianato 21
63839 Servigliano (AP)

About us

The company
The company was formed by the association of Lords 01/04/1996 Gaetano and Joseph , artisans shoemakers, with headquarters in Via Procida # 31 in Servigliano (FM) and a workshop in Via Dell'Artigianato, 21 always in Servigliano .

The activity
For 15 years, the company works as a subcontractor for several major commercial brands and specializes in the production of men's shoes mid-level - in order both types of casual and classic, often also producing footwear for boy / girl.

the Brand
For the past ten years the company, alongside existing activities always work for third parties, has successfully started the production and marketing of their collections that led to land in several European markets, including, in particular France and international markets with particular reference to the United States.

Where are

Via Dell'Artigianato 21, 63839, Servigliano (AP)

Phone: 0734750745

Fax: 0734750745

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