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About us

Wine production in our family begins already in the 40s, with his grandfather Peter, who from his vineyard on the slopes of Mount Madonna produced wine valued up to the city to Padua. The idea of ​​giving the company the Wine name "Al Contadin" was the son Gino Zattarin then, that in the 70 step from a small family production to that for all wine lovers; at the foot of Mount Madonna and within the area of the Euganean Hills.
Today the tradition is carried on by his wife Nadia and his son John, who were able to enhance the production by investing on quality, keeping the tradition of caring for the cultivation of the vine in harmony with nature.

The family-run company allows you to give special attention to all stages of production:
- Planting patterns traditional but with an eye to modern techniques of cultivation, paying maximum attention to the vineyard to produce wines of high quality;
- Manual harvesting of the grapes on time of maturation and growth of the vine;
- Grape processing using modern technologies without forgetting the tradition of making wine as the wine is handed down from father to son.
The Winery "Al Contadin" offers their wines in bulk and bottle, thanks to a respectful and responsible work of the vineyards, work in harmony and with respect for mother nature, always looking for innovations, the intertwining of tradition and modern winemaking technology and the great passion that we always respect the natural product and the final consumer.

The Company is part of the circuit in Direct Selling Points "AMICA CAMPAIGN" which guarantees a 100% Italian.

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Via Dante Alighieri, 13, 35030, CARBONARA, (PD)

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